Has Allegro Microsystems (ALGM) Stock Risen Extended Session For A Reason?

Due to the upcoming upgrading to a major index listing, Allegro MicroSystems Inc. (NASD: ALGM) was gaining on the charts Friday, up 5.40% to trade at $33.20 at the last check.

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Where will ALGM assume the more senior position?

Semtech Corp. (SMTC) will be replaced by Allegro Microsystems (ALGM) in the S&P MidCap 400, while Diversified Healthcare will be replaced by Allegro Microsystems in the S&P SmallCap 600.

To coincide with the quarterly rebalancing, S&P Dow Jones Indexes (“S&P DJI”) will make these adjustments to the S&P MidCap 400 and S&P SmallCap 600 indices prior to the start of trading on Monday, December 19.

To make each index more indicative of the market capitalization range for which it is designed, S&P DJI made the revisions. All businesses going to the S&P MidCap 400 are better suited to represent the mid-cap market, while all businesses moving to the S&P SmallCap 600 are better suited to represent the small-cap market.

ALGM unveiled a brand-new sensor:

The newest addition to the company’s 3DMAG range of 3D sensors, the A31316 3D Hall-effect position sensor, was unveiled by ALGM last month. This new sensor is perfect for automotive safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications that need high levels of flexibility and reliable performance in challenging conditions like powertrain and chassis applications, as well as industrial applications that need linear or rotary sensing. It is offered in the industry’s smallest 4×4 mm body PCB-less package.

Environmental vibrations and pollutants can impair the operation of shifter systems, passenger restraint systems, and chassis applications. When a position sensor is required in a dirty, high-vibration environment, the assembly of system components can become corrupted by debris and vibration, which can impair the performance of the assembly. Position sensors used in powertrain and chassis applications typically require support components, like PCBs and capacitors. Many industrial linear and rotational sensing applications have the same characteristics. The problem for designers is to integrate strong designs within the designated unclean, noisy environment.

How is ALGM changing things?

The A31316 is Allegro Microsystems (ALGM)’s newest addition to the 3DMAG family of magnetic sensors, and it is ALGM’s first magnetic position sensor to offer multi-direction measurement in a PCB-less SIP container. The A31316 offers designers a flexible linearization for end-of-line calibration and a programmable signal route to enhance measurement accuracy.

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